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Tweezing or Waxing?

*The Average Amount of Time to Expect the Same Hair to Reappear Is:

Deep, Coarse, Bulbous Terminal Hair(as on chins) 5 – 6 Weeks

Medium Depth Terminal Hair(as on side of face & body) 6 – 7 Weeks

Medium Depth Intermediate or Accelerated Vellus Hair 7 – 9 Weeks

Shallow Vellus Hair(downy, general face) 8 – 10 Weeks

*This schedule indicates reappearance of tweezed or waxed hair in less time than medical investigators have stated, however, this schedule is closer to what electrologists will experience because in most cases their patrons will have excesses of androgenic hormones which accelerate the regrowth process. In those who do not have excessive androgens, the average amount of time to expect reappearance of a tweezed or waxed hair ranges between 6 - 12 weeks.

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